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At The Tooth Group we use the latest dental technologies to improve your oral health and well-being. Our patients appreciate a more efficient treatment plan, with the added benefit of less discomfort and pain.

If you have any questions regarding treatment plans or procedures please ask us, call 0800 866 841 or email us here.


Digital Xrays

There are several benefits to using digital Xrays over traditional dental Xray systems. Some of these include reduced radiation (up to 90% less than Xray films), quicker processing time equals shorter appointment, highly improved imaging from quality with the ability to adjust colour and size, images are digital therefore are easily transferrable between practices.

Laser Diagnosis

Decay in the deep grooves of the biting surfaces of teeth is difficult to detect at times. It may look like harmless staining but in fact bacteria have already started the break down process causing decay underneath. The laser looking pen is painless and we use it in conjunction with our dental exams to check any areas that look suspicious. It gives us a reading that we can identify as stable or not. The benefit of this is that we can address decay at very early stages thus preventing larger more expensive restorations.

Intraoral camera

It’s easy for us to see but a lot easier for you to see now too! We have a special camera available that takes some quick snaps in your mouth so you know what we are talking about!


The Tooth Group abide by the highest standards when it comes to sterilising. Our sterilisation process kills 100% of bacteria that come in contact with the instruments. Our standards are set above standard regulations and we strive to keep it that way.

Rotary Endodontics

Our dentists use Rotary endodontics for root canal treatment. This means we use an electric hand piece instead of manual files. The main advantage to this is tissue and debris are more easily removed decreasing the amount of time spent in the dentist’s chair.

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